Saturday, May 2, 2020


In these months of "coronavirus crisis" there has been the first official confirmation by US military authorities of the existence of the UFO (Unidentified flying Objects): It seems that it has been chosen the period of time when all the world attention was concentrated on the terrible pandemia and so this UFO news was going to be quickly forgotten by the mass media.

Original "letter" about the 1960 UFO sighting in mount Musine

But what strikes me most is that a few researchers argue that the Coronavirus can be "linked" to the UFO problem, because the pandemia hits the most powerful countries in the world (from the US to the main western European nations and to China), while the third world is practically untouched. India, Latin America and Black Africa, they argue, are being mostly spared by the terrible disease.....why?..... The answer for these researchers is that they think that this is a way to "weaken" the only countries that could "fight" a possible invasion by extraterrestrials, that is going to happen soon (please read this Italian website about many UFOs approaching our planet: And they add that this is the beginning of the end of the "human" world, as prophecies show in their apocalypses writings (for some of them the 2000 year 'finis mundi' -predicted by Nostradamus et al- has been confused with the "similar number" 2020....and so it is going to happen now the end of the world...).

Sincerely, I don't think this is possible: it makes me even laugh! In my opinion, this proves that the human mind can create every stupidity.

Anyway, something seems to be "real" in all these UFO problems, with so many questions related. As I wrote in April 2017 ( ), in northern Italy there have been historically many sightings in the Piedmont/Lombardy region. And a place seems to be continuously linked to the UFO: mount Musine, in the Alps near Torino.

Mount Musine

The mountain is 1.150 meters high, overlooking the "Val di Susa" and characterized by a supposedly "sterile" belt, in which nothing grows, midway up. Also, optical anomalies have been recorded in the Musiné area, resulting in strangely distorted photographs, double shadows and similar oddities (on the northeastern slopes of Mount Musinè several "magnesite" quarries were active between 1875 and the Second World War) . 
It has also been said that at the foot of the Musiné there would be a "shadow cone", that is, an interference zone that obscures any radio transmission. Even private planes that fly over the place are disturbed in their radio broadcasts. These problems cease the moment you move away from the mountain.


Originally called "Mons Asinarius" (Donkey's Mountain) by the Romans, Mount Musiné was always considered ominous by the locals. From the earlier times, strange lights have been seen by night and sudden fires have scarred the sides of the mountain.

One of the best documented cases was witnessed by many in 966 AD , while on the opposite side of the Susa valley, on Mount Pirchiriano, the newly built S. Michael monastery and shrine was being visited by Bishop Amizone. Lights (described as "planks and globes made of fire") were seen by the monks during the night; they started on the Musiné mountain, then rose in the sky and started circling around the new building (please read detailed information in the Italian website: ) .

Similar events are documented since the IV century AD, and have been ascribed often to "angels". The most famous legendary event is that related to the battle that in 312 AD saw the future emperor Constantine clash with the troops of his rival Maxentius.

On that occasion (but it is not historically ascertained) Constantine the Great would have had the well-known vision of a cross in the clouds with the writing "in hoc signo vinces", that would have led him to impose the Christian religion in the Roman empire. According to "ufologists", the cross was a "huge cigar" UFO with wings!

In memory of that battle, In 1901 a 15 m high cross was built on the top of the mountain using reinforced concrete. 

The top of the mountain with the concrete cross

Indeed both the CISU (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici) and the CUN (Centro Ufologico Nazionale), plus lots of "independents", are keeping an eye on the mountain. Many cases of UFO sightings have been reported and documented in the area in the last 50 years. According to this people, the "sterile belt" could be caused by radiations leaks from some UFO engines. 

Also, the mountain is said to be riddled with galleries, possibly of volcanic origin and later artificially enlarged, to be used as a UFO base. Indeed when Mussolini’s fascist government recovered a crashed UFO in Lombardy in 1933, it was suggested by some members of the above UFO centers-groups that space aliens had a secret base under Monte Musinè (but I totally disagree with them, even because it is not geologically proved that there was a volcano in the area). 

Furthermore,there are countless testimonies of sightings of unidentified flying objects, both nocturnal and diurnal, in the last two centuries. Numerous witnesses also recall the apparitions on the top of flaming spherical globes. There are tales of strange lights sighted in the sky, attributed by "ufologists" to alien visitors. This has led to believe that the mountain is a destination for extraterrestrials: samples of scorched earth would witness the passage of spaceships spotted by some local farmers.

Recent UFO sightings

One of the most interesting UFO sightings in the Mount Musine is that of an object observed on the evening of July 12, 1960 in the locality called Mati, while passing slowly on the mountain illuminating the top (see the "letter" at the beginning of this article). On December 8, 1978, on the other hand, some young people who had climbed specifically to the Musinè to see some mysterious lights, observed a strong light source in the trees. Traces of one of the boys were lost for an hour and, once found, he said he had been wrapped in a mysterious light and had glimpsed humanoid figures. In detail: his mate, with the help of some passers-by, searched for him and after a while found his friend in a state of shock and with a noticeable scald on one leg. After regaining consciousness the young man reported having seen an elongated vehicle and that some strangely shaped beings descended from it, touching and efting him: 3-4 men with "melon" heads had appeared, silhouetted silently in the light; the man felt paralyzed and was able to feel only lights and sounds, also feeling touched and pushed higher from ground. Both the young hikers suffered from conjunctivitis for some time.

Five years before the incident with the two hikers, on 2nd December 1973, the crew and passengers of an Italian commercial airliner witnessed strange glowing orbs seemingly traversing the skies over the top of Mount Musine. When later details emerged from witnesses, it appeared that the orbs had a definite disc-shape structure to them.

Furthermore, the Italian Air Force sent  jets to the region, whose pilots did also see the bizarre craft. They didn’t, however, manage to intercept it, with the strange object simply disappearing each time they would approach. According to newspaper reports at the time, hundreds of people on the ground also witnessed the bizarre events unfold. For further information of other sightings in that decade, please go to the website (in Italian):

Sensational episodes got the media attention on march 1996 when two hikers saw – or at least claimed to see – a bright object with a circular shape and a yellow-green color, fluttering in the sky for more than a quarter of an hour. The object – always according to the statements of the two spectators- had two large cups transparent through which could be seen moving apparently humanoid shapes. The location of the sighting was, in fact, the Monte Musinè.

On march 10, 2005 Luca Avenati -a Torino citizen- saw a red globe moving from Mount Musine toward Avigliana (in the outskirts of Torino) around 9 pm; when it was 300 meters over this locality the globe remained without movement for 5 minutes while all the lights in the area suffered a full blackout (La Stampa newspaper, march 26/2005).

On July 18, 2008 Claudio Neve -a news reporter- wrote that a father in Gassino Torinese (near Val di Susa) took a photo in the morning of his two sons playing in the garden of his house. When developed the photo, it showed behind the kids an UFO (in the direction of nearby Mount Musine), as can be seen in the above image of a section of the photo.

On October 2019 a drone was able to make a video showing an UFO flying at 1400 km/h in a place called Nichelino, not far away from mount Musine. Please see the videos in this Italian website: