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In the last years there has been a lot of discussions about the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that possibly crashed in northern Italy in 1933. To understand the truth -because this is a highly controversial topic- about this UFO story, I am going to research data & information about this case in the following article:


June 13, 1933. A circular craft -resembling a pair of saucers joined at their outer rims- crashes near the town of Maderno, in Lombardy, northern Italy. The object, made of thin, silvery-grey metal, was about fifty feet in diameter and less than seven feet thick…. No occupants in the object were found (but some researchers think that there were recovered two bodies inside). This crash happened 14 years before the worldwide famous Roswell, New Mexico crash. Successively a spaceship was allegedly stored in the hangars of the SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate near Milan, a building destroyed by a fire in 1940.

Photo showing Benito Mussolini (to the left), who appointed Guglielmo Marconi (to the right) as head of the Gabinetto RS/33 to study the possible UFO that crashed in 1933 in Lombardy.

Indeed there were many UFO-sightings between 1933 and 1940 in Italy and a special secret Commission, during fascism, studied it. It was founded by Mussolini (with pilot Italo Balbo and Galeazzo Ciano; headed by Guglielmo Marconi and senator Luigi Cozza and astronomer Gino Cecchini). The first UFO-case was in 1931 near Venice; the second is this famous case, when on June 13, 1933 there was a UFO-landing in Lombardy, with UFO-recovery.

After this episode, Mussolini created the secret UFO-commission 'Gabinetto RS/33' (Cabinet Research and Espionage/33); he believed UFOs were Allied (or German) secret weapons, but Marconi was for the Extra Terrestral-hypothesis. We have three telegrams (there are four) about the UFO recovery near Milan in 1933, and a 'protocol' to the Prefect, for the Italian secret services and for newspapers, to cover this news. 'Gabinetto RS' investigated, between 1933 and 1940, many different Italian UFO sightings: in a case, an Italian fighter plane intercepted an UFO between Ravenna and Rome; in August 1936 there was a multiple UFO sighting (ad Adamskyan-cygar and two UFOs like Saturn) over Mestre and Venice. It is also possible that the German V-7 (a revolutionary discoidal aircraft) was initially developed after this Italian research about UFOs.

More detailed information can be read at Mussolini's 1933 UFO, by Rob Arndt

FIRST OPINION (by Antonio Huneeus)

First of all we have to remember that Roberto Pinotti, Italy's leading UFO expert and director of CUN (National Ufological Center, now the world's largest civilian UFO research organization), and Alfredo Lissoni, another CUN researcher and writer, gave a lecture, during the annual International UFO Symposium in San Marino in 2000, on the sensational discovery of alleged files going back to the 1930s, when Italy was ruled by the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.

Copies of 18 secret documents from the Fascist era (handwritten notes and telegrams), as well as a forensic report authenticating one of the the papers (with a drawing of an UFO), were released by CUN to the Italian media. It received considerable coverage in Italy, including the national TV network RAI Uno and leading newspapers like Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione and La Repubblica. Although these articles were posted in Italian on the web, the Mussolini UFO documents were hardly noticed by the American UFO community, so this is the first time the full story is told in any detail outside Italy.

It all began in early 1996 when Roberto Pinotti received a handful of handwritten notes on stationery bearing the seal of the "Kingdom's Senate". (Mussolini ruled Italy with an iron grip, nominally under the king). The year is 1936 and the secret agent uses simply a first name "Andrea" (Andrew in Italian) and also includes a sketch of the "mysterious airship". "It was sighted in the morning (and not in the evening) of Monday - he writes - it was a metallic disc, polished and reflecting light, with a length of ten or twelve meters. Two fighters from a near base took off, but were not able to reach it even at 130 km/h. It didn't emit sound, which would lead one to consider an aerostat. But nobody knows of balloons that can fly faster than the wind. I know for sure that it was seen by other aviation pilots ... it [report] has arrived to the hands of Ciano."

Count Ciano was Mussolini's son-in-law and Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs; he was later executed after participating in the cabal to overthrow the Duce and surrender to the Allies in 1943. Andrea's report continues: "Then, after approximately at least an hour and after passing over Mestre, it was seen as a sort of metallic tube, gray or slate." A drawing by a confidential informant was redrawn by Andrea, who explained that "A was described like a kind of aerial torpedo, with very clear windows ... and alternating, white and red lights.'B' were two 'hats, two hats like those used by priests: wide, round, with a dome in the center, metallic and following the torpedo without changing their relative positions."

The document mentions that "the Prefecture has opened an inquiry, but you can imagine that it will make little inroad and will have a similar outcome to that of '31. The Duce has expressed his worries, because he says that if it were a matter of real English or French aircraft, his foreign policy would have to start all over again."

Although Andrea's report is only one of several received since 1996, you can see that its contents are sensational - they describe a classic flying saucer report with aircraft scramble and multiple witnesses in 1936! It also, discloses that Mussolini and Ciano, Italy's number one and two leaders at the time, were intimately appraised of the situation. Indeed, other caches of documents received, always anonymously, by CUN and the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, mention a mysterious department known as "Cabinet RS/33." It was charged with both investigating and covering up what the documents call "unconventional aircraft" or "aeromobiles."

'Cabinet RS/33' had links with the Fascist secret police OVRA and with "Agenzia Stefani," the regime's news agency in charge of disseminating Fascist propaganda. Italys most famous scientist and inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, was the director of the Cabinet, which also included several other prominent Italian astronomers, scientists and aeronautical engineers.

When WW2 began the Cabinet's secrets were shared with and literally shipped to Nazi Germany. As Lissoni points out, rumors of Nazi discs have plagued the UFO literature for decades, and one Italian scientist, Giuseppe Belluzzo, is always mentioned in conjunction with the Germans Miethe, Schriever and Habermohl. Much nonsense has been written about the so-called Nazi flying saucers - some of it unabashed neo-Nazi propaganda - yet undoubtedly there is at least some truth to the matter. The names of Miethe, et al., are confìrmed by FBI and other U.S. and German documents.

Are the "Fascist UFO Files" authentic? To Lissoni (who made principal search), Pinotti,and the CUN, they appear so. To the investigators'credit, however, the whole affair was kept strictly confidential under Antonio Garavaglia's forensic analysis was completed. Only then were the documents released to the Italian press and published in a series of articles beginning with the March issue of UFO Notiziario (and now, in a book). Garavaglia conduced a series of chemical tests of the paper and ink - remember he had originals and not copies - and he concluded they seemed authentic handwritten documents from the Fascist era. The color of the paper and ink aging process led him to believe they were genuine and not modern forgeries.

Lissoni also consulted with Andrea Bedetti, a historian and expert on Italy's Fascist period. "I cannot exclude the real existence of a Cabinet RS/33," said Bedetti. He also examined the documents vis-à-vis "the lexicon and the bureaucratic style of the period", as well as the stationery ("Kingdoms Senate" and Stefani agency telegrams) and aeronautical terminology utilized. Bedetti found that all of it was consistent with genuine Fascist-era documents. This didn't rule out a skilled forger, but it would have to be someone deeply knowledgeable of Fascist style, vocabulary and terminology. Bedetti also pointed out that in the period 1933-40 - coinciding with the alleged Cabinet RS/33- Mussolini's power was at his peak and Italy was one of the world's leading nations in aviation and military aeronautics.

SECOND OPINION (by Alfredo Lissoni)

My hypothesis is in fact that the saucer recovered in 1933 had been hidden in one of the nearest and most discrete hangars in that region - namely the hangars of the aeronautical establishments of the Siai Marchetti at Vergiate or of the Sesto Calende in the Varese region of Ticino, which at that date were under the control of General Italo Balbo (indicated by a member of the RS/33 CABINET).

The "Varese trail" had been suggested to me through several clues: namely that the messages about recovery of the UFO came from the nearby Telegraphic Office of Milano; that in those very days Blackshirts were suddenly dispatched to that region; that indeed a Varese newspaper, the *Cronaca Prealpina*, of June 20, 1933, gave the first report, emphasising that forms of life on Mars were in contact with men of Earth - almost as it were a matter of official revelation; that at the Marchetti at Sesto there was a Director with the name of Moretti; and that at the time of the Italian Social Republic, it was precisely a man named Moretti who having gone over to the Resistance, had set fire to the hangars at Vergiate (which maybe were guarding some unmentionable Space secret). And, finally, that, when the War was over, the U.S. Air Force and members of the Nazi Secret Service were infiltrated precisely into Sesto Calende, simultaneously with "voices" regarding the presence of terrestrial flying saucers kept at Vergiate, and that the entire region, from time immemorial, was at the centre of a most intense ufological activity - to such a degree that it gained the nickname of being "The Ticino Triangle".

Indeed the 'RS/33 CABINET' had continued to work right up to the time of the Italian Social Republic, the period in which a part of the documentation on UFOs, in several sealed boxes, had been sent to Berlin, while a part - "a not irrelevant part" - remained in Italy.

And, in this latest consignment of material, there were included copies of new documents which possibly demonstrated the existence of agreements between Hitler and Mussolini for the study of alien technology, agreements that had been made in 1938.

These documents were: an Agency Stefani message from Florence containing an interview with the Fuhrer Hitler when he was visiting Italy; a banknote of the nominal value of a million Lire (maybe "black funds of the RS/33 CABINET); minutes regarding the oath of secrecy given by the professors who collaborated with the Fascist Government; an invitation (registered) to Benito and Rachele Mussolini to Villa Torlonia (said to be for a "riunione riservatissima dedicada al Gabinetto RS/33" - "*an extremely private meeting dedicated to the RS/33 CABINET*").

THIRD OPINION (by George Filer)

On June 13, 1933, a bell shaped UFO crashed near Magenta, Italy just west of Milano. The occupants were tall blond Nordics with oriental like features on their light blue eyes. The Italians called the UFO la Campania; the Germans called it Die Locked.

Benito Mussolini -the Prime Minister of Italy- informed Pope Pius 11 of the crash and placed Guglielmo Marconi in charge of the special "RS-33" Study Group, which later served as a model for the US "MJ-12" group. The Japanese told the Italians and Germans that those tall blonde-haired people were in their legends; this led to the Axis Alliance. Pope Pius 11 was furious and informed President Roosevelt about the UFO crash in 1938. Winston Churchill and Mussolini also carried on secret correspondence about the 1933 crash.

In April of 1945, the 1st Armored Division captured the Marchetti Aviation Facility where the 1933 Magenta UFO was kept and it was brought to the United States.

President Eisenhower met with the tall blonde-haired people involved with the 1933 Italy crash at Edwards AFB on February 20, 1954.  Eisenhower invited Cardinal John McIntyre to the meeting since Pope Pius 11 had told Roosevelt about the Nordic 1933 Magenta, Italy crash. Two of the early model F-102 jets were being tested at Edwards AFB on the flight line, when the tall blonds met with Eisenhower and Cardinal McIntyre.


Sincerely I don't think that are fully true all these opinions about a fascist UFO in 1933.

We don't even know -as stated by researcher Francesco Dioniso- if REALLY existed the so called ''Gabinetto RS/33' (that in Italian would be: Gabinetto Ricerca spionaggio/33)! And the hypothesis that Guglielmo Marconi was working as head of this Gabinetto -for the development of Italian aircrafts similar to UFO or something similar - seems totally fantasy to me. Furthermore, there are no photos (or videos) of the alleged UFO and not even one single photo of the place where happened the crash, showing the inevitable damage in the area

The first jet airplane (the "Campini Caproni 1") in History was created just a few years after the supposed 1933 UFO crash in Lombardy.

But I have some questions in my mind related to this 1933 UFO

1) The first question that I get in my mind is: why Mussolini concealed all this? He could have done the same that was done 14 years later with the famous Roswell case, when the media was informed (even if superficially): and no damage would have hit his fascism regime in Italy. On the contrary, he could have used the 1933 case to show how fascism was dealing with this problem and studying successfully the UFO.

And this is the most intriguing area where I have to admit that may be it is true something of all these facts......Indeed, we know that the Italians were able to create a few years later the first jet airplane (the "Campini Caproni 1") in History, but we also know that the aviation industry of Italy was the last in western Europe at the end of WW1.

2) So, my second question is: Can it be that the study of the UFO stored in hangars near Milano gave the Italians the needed technology? We have to remember that Italian engineer Secondo Campini submitted a report on the potential of jet propulsion to the Regia Aeronautica, and demonstrated a jet-powered boat in Venice: in 1934, the Regia Aeronautica granted approval for the development of a jet aircraft to demonstrate the principle used by Campini and made a contract with him in order to receive 2 aircrafts with "propulsione a reazione" (jet propulsion) in the second half of the 1930s

It strikes me the coincidence that all this "jet" development started to happen exactly one year after the 1933 Fascist UFO crash.

3) Another question is related to the original idea of the disc called "Turboproietti", created during WW2 by Giuseppe Belluzzo (read for further information GIUSEPPE BELLUZZO TURBO PROIETTI (TURBINA PROIETTILE), by Rob Arndt

Working with the SS after 1943, Belluzzo designed a three motor jet pipe system that would rotate an annular wing. Belluzo had been inspired by Hermann Oberth’s orbital platform concepts since the 1930’s so he put his own engineering skill to work with this design. Here is a brief description of the design, made by Rob Arndt:

  "Jet pipes on the edge of the disc had a variable diameter. A turbine drove the pipes initially until air accelerated through the pipes. At the widest section of each pipe oil was injected and ignited. The temperature was raised quickly and at the end of each underside pipe the air reached a speed of  700 meters/second, able to allow the circular craft to spin at a rotation speed of 400 meters/second. When the fuel ran out , the explosive-laden "Turboproietti" simply dropped to the ground in similar fashion to the German V-1 missile. Hopefully, the target would receive a direct hit."

While the SS entertained the idea of this operation, an unmanned aerial "Flakmine" version was considered more important and that was what Giuseppe Belluzzo was working on in 1945 when the war ended. No prototypes were ever constructed.

And so a third question arises in my mind and it is: Is it possible that the size and form of the Belluzzo's Turboproietti can be related to the 1933 UFO, allegedly stored in the hangars of the SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate near Milan after 1933?

4) Finally a fourth question makes me indirectly think that there it is a nearly 100% probability that the 1933 UFO crash happened really and was not a simple crash of an experimental aircraft created by Germans or English scientists:

If some news of this accident appeared on local Italian newspapers and magazines (the copies are easily found in local public libraries and this fact confirms that "something" happened), why all this story about an UFO has been created in a decade when practically nobody knew about this phenomenon and nobody was going to be interested in?

According to researcher Phil H. Clark, news of the downed craft reached Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini who issued three directives: one to recover the downed UFO, the second to remove it to a secure location away from people and the third to hide all information, while creating the Gabinetto RS with Marconi to study it. But why all this mess if nobody cared about this topic, in all the countries of the 1933 world? The UFO problem was created after WW2, mainly after the famous Roswell crash....but in 1933 nobody was informed about UFOs! And not even existed the word UFO (or "flying saucers"), that appeared for the first time in 1947!

Mussolini and his Fascism was not going to get anything from all this UFO crash...So, why to invent all this? Why if there was no reason? Why -if it is fake- it was created all this UFO story, full of so many detailed & discussed events lasting until the hangar fire of 1940?

Post Scriptum: There are interesting related informations in the italian article